10 Years of Startups
Rigorous Scope Development
Senior Web/Mobile Engineers
Quality Code, Rapid Delivery

John Davison, CTO

A consumate tinkerer, John moved to the Bay Area in 2010 and fell deeply in love with early stage product engineering. He is skilled in all facets of web and mobile development and has a strong track record delivering software to the bay area startup eco-system.

Prior to attending the first cohort of Dev Bootcamp in 2012, John spent 6 years as an officer in the U.S. Navy. He also spent a year in China learning mandarin and speaks Italian, Chinese and Spanish, he has visited over 100 countries.

John manages, builds and guides all aspect of software implementation for StartupLandia.


Gia Davison, COO

A seasoned connector of people, Gia got her start doing regional level advertising and busines development in and around Kazan, Russia. She has worked with business and political leadership on a range of projects including traditional radio, television and print advertisting.

In addition to Gia's extensive business background, in 2014 with her sister, she co-founded 'Pearl of Tatarstan', a beauty pageant emphasizing the disabled community in Tatarstan, Russia. Pearl of Tatarstan has grown into a nationally recognized social benefit project.

Gia leads all aspects of StarupLandia and is particularly skilled in network development and digital marketing.


Remote Dev Team

Over the last 10 years, Gia and John have visited the better part of the globe and have curated a rock-solid team of technical collaborators. Like expert session musicians sitting in with the jazz greats, our technical collaborators bring the best the world has to offer at competitive rates.

Our remote team is highly skilled in Python, Ruby, Javascript, Swift and Java. We love to use the best tools in all areas including Django, Rails, React, Vue, AWS, Heroku, Docker, Flutter, D3, Bootstrap and the list goes on.