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Do You have a natural curiosity about technology, machinery or abstract models?
Are You Someone who has been so curious about something like a foreign language or a technical skill that you went out and found some books and just taught yourself?
Are You Someone who has started to realize that many of the best jobs in America today are being offered to computer programmers?
Are You a motivated self learner who has begun to realize that the 'coding bootcamp' space is full of fraudsters, gimmicks and unfulfilled marketing promises?
Are You intrigued by the prospect of a self-directed learning experience that utilizes my unique content and events that will help you become a better learner, build clear models of how web-software works, illuminate your blind spots and motivate you to become a creator?
If You answer `yes` ... anywhere above ... then you might consider learning from me by attending my remote learn to code meetups and by learning from the tutorials below.
I will share with you things I've learned since a coding bootcamp and during my life is an independent product engineer and entrepreneur in San Francisco, CA.