A Personal High Water Moment

We Are the GateKeepers to Our Happiness, A Rising Water Mark

Some Elements of a Locally Occurring High Water Mark in My Life

  1. Moved into the most amazing space I've ever worked in, thanks @threadflip !!!
  2. Raised $300 for a coworker to take a spa day, her efforts to move us in and generally take care of our team really impress me!
  3. Got a flight paid for by an awesome VC for the Patriot's Bootcamp in DC in July.
  4. Finally bought a helmet for city riding.
  5. Had the best Hawk Hill ride to date with @hackerpreneur this week, on my single speed!
  6. Am actively in talks to build two different ideas with two very different style entrepreneurs and really excited about both.
  7. Making big strides on http://www.devbootcampmentorship.com and really, really excited to be moving that ball forward, not only am I learning to manage a large distributed community but doing it with software I am co-building with @brettcamarda who is consistently fucking awesome to hack with!
  8. Waking up every day between 6:30 and 7 without an alarm clock cause my body is ready to rumble!