, My Intellectual Heart seems awesome so far.

context: I've just downloaded the app, did signup/in and looked at one article.

Things I really like about it.

  1. Very clean purpose with a mission, ie, to present mobile centric news and information consumption app that allows for rapid updating of content related to articles of my choosing.
  2. Not excessively invasive of my facebook, ie, it doesn't ask for permission to "post things to my friends walls" which for the record, I've yet to find an app that really needed to do that.
  3. Awesome clean UI
  4. Content that is custom built for mobile first, ie, I'm surprised there aren't any great apps already doing this (maybe there are I've just yet to find them).

And I'm stoked that I'm writing this very positive review in very few lines, ie, the app was simple and is fire and forget, which is how technology kind of should work.

Nice Work @circa

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