Why I Like To Mentor

Just wanted to quickly touch on yesterday. I met my devbootcamp mentee at about 7:15, we hacked on some sinatra/ajax game she was working on. Basically, there was a little problem in the server side logic, there was a server side redirect after an ajax post action. The browser was getting confused about where to go. We fixed it and did some other refactoring of the codebase and I introduced her to how I 1. debug and 2. take nothing for granted in programming, which is a huge part of debugging.

Afterwards, a few people all met for beers at the Irish Bank and I got to hear about the 2012 3rd cohorts post devbootcamp hiring situation. It was pretty cool and I really enjoyed it. We talked about how lucky we all were to 1. be accepted into devbootcamp and 2. be basically getting paid to have fun, code and enjoy SF when the rest of the global economy is really struggling. We are all very cognizant of the fact that we are very lucky, i repeat, very lucky!

I also learned that another student is working on developing a bunch of content related to programming, videocasting and stuff and I want him to start collaborating with me on http://www.rubywhitebelts.com

Overall it was an awesome night, thanks @devbootcamp