C is for Community


I remember back in 2012, after I had worked so hard during the Summer to get through Dev Bootcamp. At the graduation day job fair, I can remember being in a conversation with an entrepreneur, not to name names but I'm sure it was Michael Staton. We were talking about what the Dev Bootcamp exeperience was like. With kind of the spacy nature that I'm infamous for, I said to him, "I think Dev Bootcamp is the kind of thing that will just keep giving back to me and I don't even know how valuable it is" and he looks around and then says to me, "Are we being filmed?" I can only infer that he thought I had some dreamy statement cooked up for a little subtle promotional time.

In any case, today I had lunch with Austin Wang, one of my cohort-mates from Dev Bootcamp. Before today, I really can't remember the last time I saw Austin. If I had to describe him, it would be like, 'still waters run deep', 'i didn't get to spend too much time with him at dbc but we have a solid rapport' and 'someone who is really serious about what he does'. For a little perspective, Austin left Dev Bootcamp and immediately started his on venture, a software project related to enterpise sales tools.

Here we are, two years later and his endeavours are def starting to pay off, the details of which are not mine to go into. What I will say, again about me, is that my own path after Dev Bootcamp has felt crazy, lonely, destructive but also empowering, challenging, rewarding and worth it.

The reason C is for community is because sitting with Austin today while munching on a Radius Cafe fried-chicken sandwich (which I highly recommend), I remembered that at the end of the day, I'm really not alone in this 'mess' I call my career even though, as I would imagine all people who do things idependently have done, it can sometimes feel it.

Austin and I talked about all kinds of stuff during which It was awesome for me to see how long and steady of a course he has stayed.

In closing, today was one of those days where I felt the on going value and presence of the Dev Bootcamp network in my life. I am glad for it and it is a type of value I like to drive in my own endeavours.