The Honey Badger of Product

Would You Call It a Zone of Danger?

I arrived to San Francisco in 2010 with 5 years of professional experience as a logistics officer in the U.S. Navy. If you had asked me where I saw myself in 5 years, I wouldn't have had the mind to say 'working as an engineer and building products and companies around products.'

Since I earned my developer quals Sep of 2012, I've worked with 3 venture backed startups, helped build a video feedback tool that is taking funding right now, consulted to a company who I introduced to their current CEO and first funding round (, co-founded a software education startup ( and am about to release my newest product to the world.

That is an acceptable amount of activity in 2.5 years right?

There is quite a lot to talk about in regards to why I became a developer and how I approach the things that I do in life. I'd like to tell you that story over coffee.

I'm currently in the market for a role on an interesting team. I need that team to be just like me. I need them to push me, to motivate me and to be motivated and pushed by me and we all need to be happy about it, like climbing on a road bike in the mountains where everyone knows there is a little pain involved but because we are all out there together we only remember the fun parts.

I need to find a peloton of honey badgers who code, design and live to make useful software products.

Can you make introductions for me?

Can I buy you ice cream? (I know a place with over 100 flavors...)

That is all, for now...



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On request, I have a continuous chain of positive references covering my entire life as a developer (actually my entire professional life).

I continually seek new software engineering contracts and product collaboration opportunities so please, send email to