One Dusty Step.

Arriving with food poisoning of the projectile variety, I recently took my virgin step onto the dusty playa.

My body immediately shocked by arriving to Burning Man 2015 with food poisoning, spent five awesome days getting to know Burning Man. Without delving too much into the detail, I will present a few thoughts I had going into Burning Man, a few observations of Burning Man and a few thoughts I have going forward.

Some Initial Expectations Of Burning Man

I never had really heard of Burning Man in my 20s. I spent the bulk of my 20s overseas on active duty in the U.S. Navy. Since my earliest days, I've been into camping, outdoor advenure, culture and electronic music. Most people always showed surprise to hear that I had never been. My perception of Burning Man culture in SF in the previous years was that I could dig the music but I fel the culture and community to feel a little over the top. Going to Burning Man this year was a snap decision that I took only a few weeks prior to Burning Man.

When I arrived at Burning Man, camp in wait and friends in tow, I actually at that moment felt no expectations and that felt awesome. I realized in a quiet moment that I didn't actual have any expectation about how the week would go.

I'd like to believe that I arrived with a clean mental slate.

An Arc of Amazing

After a day of thinking I was going to have to leave on account of my stomach, I pulled through. The first night out I looked at the playa from the top of my camp's awesome art car, the Titanic's End.


In no particular order, of a fashion that I can't totally explain, a ton of amazing things occured to me while adventuring at Burning Man. Some stuff involved people and parties and some of involved me walking and thinking, from a place of awesome energy and motivation.

I really was at a carnival of mirrors..

I watched many amazing sunrises..

I spent a good amount of time deep in thought..

I spent some time just noticing interesting people..

I got my picture taken on fisherman's wharf..

I made sure my chrome was shining just like and icicle..

I attended the only hunt I'll ever conduct, a spiritual, dusty rhino hunt..

These are but a few images from a week of amazing interactions with people and small-micro adventures that I took. After a full week out there, more time than I've taken off in a few years, I felt a profound sense of interpersonal and personal connection. If we ever connect and you want to talk about this experience, please ask me about the temple burn, the ashram and the hot tub time machine. I will return, with better gear for sleeping but still looking to make that first dusty step onto the playa.

Huge hugs, love and respect to my friends who made this all come together, Ali, Jason, Damien, Damian, three friendly hitchhikers, Bao Camp, Tea Camp, Skinny Kitties and so many others...

My Heart is Full


John Davison