Portfolio, Skills and Education

2016 Engagements


  • Independently built external integration services for core application.
  • Made significant core codebase contributions including data schema design and major module refactorings.
  • Rails, Amazon/Heroku, Vue.js, Distributed Pair/Mob Programming


  • TwitchCon VIP Client communication portal
  • Last Minute Application Development Request, delivered functioning portal with only 2 weeks lead time.
  • Rails/Heroku


  • Designed and implemented all aspects of the site.
  • Shoulder Modeled
  • Jekyll/Heroku


  • Full-stack, green-field project, responsible for complete implementation.
  • Laboratory logistics management software for Chicago based startup.
  • Rails/Node, React, Relay, Graphql, Webpack, ES6


  • How to use React, Relay, GraphQl with a Rails server.
  • Source Code, Videos, Blog Posts.

2015 & Past Work

Usefull Skills of Note

  • Product strategy and feature scoping
  • Team development with expertise in on-boarding junior developers
  • Developer fatigue and tech-burnout active-recovery coaching
  • Financial modeling and general business model strategic support
  • LEAN customer acquisition and feature validation
  • AGILE team management
  • KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) UX strategic support

Software Tool Kit

  • Ruby, Javascript/CoffeeScript, Python, Objective-C
  • Rails, Node.js, Express, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Vue.js
  • React, React-Native, GraphQL, React-Relay
  • PostgresQL, MongoDb, MySQL, Neo4j, GraphDb
  • Heroku, Amazon/EC2, Redis, Memcache, Firebase
  • Stripe API, Twilio API, Facebook API, Omniauth/Devise


  • Counselor and Artist of Life, Interchange Counseling Institute, 2016
  • Software Engineering, Dev Bootcamp, 2012
  • Client-side programming certificate, O'Reilly School of Technology, 2011
  • M.B.A. Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2009
  • Mandarin Studies, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, Dalian, China, 2007
  • Commissioned as Officer in United States Navy, 2001
  • B.S. Environmental Science, Northern Arizona University, 2000
I continually seek new software engineering contracts and product collaboration opportunities so please, send email to jd@startuplandia.io.