Hello Antipattern.io

A Prototype is Born

Without getting all verbose and wordy I have a few statements.

AntiPattern.io is available for useage.

  1. Code Reviews have been like a 100x 'multiplier' of my developer skills.

  2. I can think of no better way to optimize a learning feedback cycle than a Code Review.

  3. I built a tool that 'hopefully, meep' solves a problem of my own.

  4. I really love prototyping and think that I'm getting to be 'not totally terrible' at it. /assets/i-001.png

  5. I have no idea if AntiPattern.io will work.

  6. I have only anecdotal evidence but other developers tell me they like the idea and product.

  7. I drink a lot of coffee.

I continually seek new software engineering contracts and product collaboration opportunities so please, send email to jd@startuplandia.io.