Tech Fatigue Recovery Workshop

Forward Leaning Tech Fatigue TLDR: a physical state where key muscles on the front side of the human body contract, tighten, shorten as a result of underutilization relating to a life spent in front of computers. (more on this topic)

Rectus Femoris
Vastus Lateralis
Pectoralis Major

Once these muscles shorten, they pull the skeletal structure out of alignment, which places permanent tension on sensitive nerve centers. This situation can easily arise when people spend the bulk of their time leaning over a desk or some other structure that causes the body's glutes & traps to no longer provide the skeletal structure with appropriate supporting tension.


Live, in person workshop that will teach people how to self recover from Forward Leaning Tech Fatigue. Workshops focus on learning 8 unique exercises that will begin to reshape/rebalance the body by increasing the muscular tension of the traps and glutes.

    Gluteus Maximus
  • Get expert feedback on the subtleties of muscular contraction and recruitment avoidance.
  • Learn the principles of using 24 minute workouts throughout a busy working day.
  • Bonus - Experience a short traditional Chinese Qi Gong visualization/relaxation/meditation sequence.


Flexible times to be scheduled around your needs.

  • 45 and 90 minute workshops available.


Flexible location, we come to any space of your choosing in San Francisco, Silicon Valley or Oakland/Berkeley Area.

  • A workshop can be held in any space where people can each have the space of a yoga mat.
  • Each person needs their own yoga mat (we can provide mats for small groups 2-4 pple).
  • Max group size is 8 people (which generally requires a 90 minute workshop).


Helping people improve their posture and recover from Forward Leaning Tech Fatigue will:

  • Counteract the negative impact of constantly leaning over desks and computers.
  • Improve people's personal happiness.
  • Show people how to easily reduce back/neck/shoulder pain through self directed exercise.


All workshops led by John Davison, fitness enthusiast, martial arts practitioner, experienced software professional, Artist of Life (Bruce Lee Certified) AND shoulder model.


  • 40 minute workshop $150
  • 90 Minute Workshop $250
  • Donation based workshops for qualified requests :)