Written By
John Davison
The Mentoring of Paddy Larkin

FROM: JD TO: PL DATE: 4/7/21

Hi Paddy,

I'm happy to start out journey in your mentorship and path to becoming a developer.

I would like you to learn how to use github and markdown and jekyll as it will help us have a reference point for what you know. This style of correspondance will also help you promote yourself, which is really a big part of landing your first position as a developer (front end).

Commands we used in this session

bundle exec jekyll serve -w 
touch some_file.md
<h2> some random html h2</h2>
## some random markdown h2

content content

html content

markdown h2

Questions I have for you and that I would like you to answer in this same format, in this literal file in github.

  • What is the curriculum like at Epicodus?

  • After our last conversation, I introduced you to Manon, I'm not sure you talked to her but if you did, what kinds of things did she share with you?

  • Also, why made you feel like Epicodus was the right place (in relation to all those other bootcamps?)

Tools you will need to learn how to make a blog entry

  • command line git
  • github account (so that I can add to the repository)
  • jekyll 3.8.5
  • ruby 2.5





... some answer to the above and hopefull more questions for JD