Interviews with 4 Key Customers

Helped their founder bring an MVP idea to life

Primary Goal - Build MVP enabling specific data sync from Quickbooks or Xero into Google Sheets - Accomplished May 2022

Secondary Goal - Provide on demand, mostly in the background support to MVP as founder uses MVP with services customers - Ongoing Summer 2022

Founder Mike Fitzpatrick needed to evaluate if something was feasible and could be built within a reasonable timeline/budget

Developed basic routines to prove the api connections could support the desired product

Developed all aspects of UI and interfaces, Kestela is currently stable and acquiring users

Monthly Engineering spend during implementation phase approx $8k

I thought that was overly communicated in a positive way.

Mike Fitzpatrick founder Kestela Inc
Falcon Private Equity Search
Currently supporting with CTO, Product Engineering and Iterative Design processes.

Primary Goal - Replatform a wordpress stack that had been attempted to be used as a full talent management application - Accomplished May 2022

Secondary Goal - Build a "Private User Group" suite as add on to talent management portal - In Progress Summer 2022

Falcon needed to undo a years worth of resources put into a wordpress application that was mostly broken and under the best circumstances still would not have been capable talent management needs

In a 4 month sprint, Startuplandia installed a single engineer and some on demand design support to get a rails driven portal functioning

June of 2022, work shifted to building out a private user group add on to the talent management of

Monthly Engineering & Design spend $10k - $15k

One of the best things for me has been the subtle or not so subtle coaching throughout the process

Cori Audey VP Strategy Falcon Partners
Currently supporting with CTO, Product Engineering and Iterative Design processes.

Primary Goal - Build MVP enabling customer growth re "Scientists just want to see a list of when their stuff will arrive" - Accomplished year end 2014

Secondary Goal - Enable all aspects of scaling the MVP into a stable, growing operations management software suite - Accomplished year end 2019

Startuplandia built their first product circa 2014, currently supporting Happilabs with CTO, general engineering and design services

Fast forward to 2022, HappiLabs is a mostly profitable multi-million dollar bio-tech business operastion management service

Happilabs accepted into Y-Combinator Winter 2018

Scaled from a few to 50+ enterprise customers who utilize Happilabs' highly optimized software/services flows to improve scientific operations

Monthly Design & Engineering spend flucuates between $5-15k

Currently supporting with Technical Recruiting, Engineering Augmentation services.

Primary Goal - Build a small team of full stack api & ios development to enable vetting for FTE - Accomplished Aug 2021

Secondary Goal - Provide on demand engineering support - Ongoing Summer 2022

Able needed an engineering team, circa June 2021

Over the course of 7 months, Startuplandia helped Able build a 9 person (web full stack, ios, android) team resulting in 2 key hires and ongoing support from 3 engineers on the Startuplandia team.

Monthly Engineering spend fluctuates between $10-40k


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